College & Career (18-28)

  • Room #: 302   Location: Family Life Center - Upper Floor (Map)
Shawn Stiger

Shawn Stiger

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Teacher Bio

Shawn was born in Fostoria, OH, went to Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Dunlap, TN Christmas of 1999. Shawn finished his BS in Organizational Management from Bryan College in 2001. Shawn and his wife Sara celebrated 20 years of marriage in June of 2015. Their family has been members of EBC for over 10 years. Shawn has taught a college and career class in the past and loves to debate or explore controversial topics such as evolution vs. creationism. He has a deep seated belief in the ability to defend your faith in The Word.

Class Description

Spiritual Disciplines, Evolution vs Creationism, Biblical History Exploration and more! I'm very excited to be sharing with each of you some valuable information and studies that will enable you to find who you are in Christ and find YOUR faith in Him as young adults.

Current Book/Materials 

Practicing Basic Spiritual Disciplines — Charles Stanley