L.O.V.E. (50+)

  • Room #: 110   Location: Sanctuary Building (Map)
Ed Brown

Ed Brown

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Teacher Bio

Ed and Martha Brown became Christians in 1972, joined Ewtonville Baptist Church in June of that year, and have been active in the church ever since.

Ed was led to teach in the fall of that same year. He has taught for most of the past 42 years in Discipleship Training, Sunday School, and various other classes.

Ed states that his objectives in teaching are that each member would grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to honor, worship, and praise Him with our words and deeds.

Class Description

The L.O.V.E (Lord Our Victory for Eternity) class has approximately 30 members from the areas of Sequatchie and Bledsoe Counties who are compassionate and giving to missions and the needy.

Current Book/Materials 

We use Sunday School materials published by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. The quarterly series is titled "Explore the Bible" and alternates between the Old and New Testaments.