EBC Kids' Club

Mike Miner

Leader, Mike Miner

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Mission Statement

EBC Kids' Club is dedicated to teaching children the foundations of faith so that they can become lifelong followers of Jesus.

Children listen to Bible stories, memorize Bible verses, and participate in a time of physical activity in the gym.

How to Get Involved

EBC Kids' Club meets on Wednesday nights. Check out the upcoming events listed in the sidebar of this page for more info or contact Mike.

Leader Bio

Mike was raised by parents who loved the Lord Jesus and modeled a life that was committed to God’s ways. As a young person, Mike understood that he had not lived according to the way God wanted, so he confessed his rebellion to God, asked Jesus to become his Lord, and began his walk as a Follower of Christ.

After finishing a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy, he became a Tennessean in April of 2014. Mike loves that God led him to Ewtonville Baptist!

EBC Kids' Club is a great way to be involved in bringing children to know the Lord—and to follow Him. Children have the freedom to ask questions and think about what they are learning—in an environment that values their questions and contributions.

The adults who help also learn; and they are able to comfortably work with the children without having to feel like they have to know how to teach a lesson themselves.

Many children come to know the Lord through the teaching they receive in Kids' Club.